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“My grandfather was a well known jeweller and my family has collected jewellery for generations. I have many antique pieces as well as collections from around the world that I love, but the pieces that April has handcrafted for me are by far my favourite.

She is able to create elegant and unique pieces that feel both ancient and modern at the same time which, for me, makes them timeless and something I will wear for the rest of my life.”

Devi Mamak

Pianist/Composer. Artistic Director at Caravan Dance Company

“April’s silver crescent moons are absolutely, unequivocally my favourite earrings. All my other earrings (and I have a good many) have languished since these amulets came into my life. It’s rare to find me wearing anything else and rarer that I leave the house without them. I’ve been complimented on them by strangers countless times.

If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re hanging from my ears in the tattoo on my arm, indelibly inked. There’s something incredibly special about them for me beyond being dangly, pretty bits of metal. I’m grateful for the skill, creativity and more importantly the intention that went into birthing them. For me they embody the strength, power, radiance & beauty of the feminine. I’ll probably be wearing them until the day I die.”

Rachael Brady

Songwriter/Musician. Healer at Motherbear Lodge.

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