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Regal Earrings

This design was fashioned purely from the stones themselves. Wanting to set the stones in a regal fashion created this design. Crafted with hand stamped sterling silver these earrings are set with Hessonite Garnet and Yellow Chalcedony. The warm tones relating to our base and solar plexus chakras, these stones create a grounding feel while making a statement. Garnet is said to protect the wearer from all evil and hessonite garnet in particular is said to promote longevity and success. Yellow Chalcedony is also said to protect against negative influence while it gives us creative strength and helps to calm the wearer. Yellow chalcedony has been worn by healers and shamans throughout the ages as a tool in rituals.

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in Australia
  • Length: 64 Millimetres; Width: 24 Millimetres
  • Materials:Sterling Silver, Hessonite Garnet and yellow Chalcedony


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