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Studio window
Silver stamped detail pin a steel block
Three silver ring sit on a steel black. One is a silver disk with a copper eye on it, one is a snake , one is an image of a primitive goddess symbolised by a circle onto a triangle with radiating line coming out from her. She is surrounded with a patterned gallery wire.

Aprili Designs

Aprili Designs is an independently owned, hand made Jewellery Brand based in the Blue mountains, Australia. Everything is fabricated by owner and designer April Erzetich. Meditating on imagery, drawing on source energy, and breath work are the unseen elements that are infused into Aprili Designs. Aprili draws on the layers of  her own experience and the use of specific imagery to create talismans, amulets and jewellery that lifts the wearer’s vibration to bring joy, abundance and protection.

Aprili Designs strives to bring the Exotic into the Everyday creating wearable art pieces for people far and wide.
Adorn Yourself!

About the Designer

Born and raised in Newcastle, Erzetich Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours at the University of Newcastle 2005.  Majoring in 3D/Sculpture Erzetich worked mostly with metal especially bronze and was employed as a Foundry assistant in her final years of her degree. In her Honours year she went on exchange to The Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design in Canada where she studied a semester of Silversmithing. Here she learned the foundations of the skill and totally fell in love.

Coupled with working with metal, She has always been a dancer. Her dance life has taking her around the world, which has in turn exposed her to many cultures and the way that people adorn, identify and protect themselves with jewellery and textiles. When studying traditional dance in India, Erzetich learnt traditional silversmithing techniques with a Guru from a long family lineage of metal smiths. These traditional techniques appear in her work today.

The Process

Each design is individually hand crafted from start to finish using traditional silversmithing skills. Imagery is created with the use of traditional, and modern, Indian silversmithing dies and/or the use of stamping tools and hammers. All work is made from either sheet or wire that is cut out with a hand saw and finished with files, sandpaper, sanding disks, patina added and polished by hand. Scraps are collected, melted and rolled through a rolling mill to create sheet or wire to be re-used in designs. Joins are created with silver solder and the use of either a butane or propane torch. Her chains, and some clasps, are manufactured but measured and cut from a spool to length and fashioned into the desired design.


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