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Years of experience in sculpture, weaving, dancing, silversmithing and travelling goes into my work. Meditating on imagery, drawing on source energy, and breath work are the unseen elements that are infused into Aprili Designs. I draw on the layers of my experience to create talismans, amulets and jewellery that lifts the wearer’s energy to bring joy, abundance and protection.

Inspired by the exotic jewellery seen on my travels, Aprili Designs strives to bring the Exotic into the Everyday creating wearable art pieces for people far and wide.
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April Erzetich

Jeweller / Artist / Business Owner

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About April Erzetich

A passion for playing with metal

Ever since I was young I have been interested in working with metal. I remember always wanting to watch Dad and my Uncle weld in the garage. I loved the sparks, the sound and even the smell. Metalwork and art were my favourite electives at school before moving onto be a Sculpture Major in my Bachelor of Fine Arts where I received Honours. My work heavily used copper, bronze, ceramic and weaving techniques to create large 3D works. As a third year student, I was employed as a foundry assistant spending my days casting and cleaning Bronze sculptures for large public commissions.

Coupled with working with metal, I have always been a dancer. My dance life has taking me around the world, which has in turn exposed me to many cultures and the way that people adorn themselves or identify themselves with jewellery and textiles.

When studying Classical Odissi Dance and Rajasthani folk dance in India, I also studied traditional silversmithing techniques with a Guru from a long family lineage of metal smiths. These traditional techniques appear heavily in my work today.

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